I Cannot Conceive – Tips That Will Assist Women Having Problems To Become Pregnant

You will never know how fertile or infertile you are unless you start trying to get pregnant. You will never know how difficult or easy it will be for you to conceive unless you start trying to do so. Can you actually get pregnant? How easy it is for you to do so?

“I can’t get pregnant” is one of most frustrating sentence some women find themselves saying after a substantial time in a relationship where unprotected sex is carried out. One of the reasons for this is that women try to put off conceiving later in life, making the odds of fertility slimmer as time passes. However, there are still ways that women who find it hard to get pregnant can try out in order to increase the chances of conceiving. It all boils down to the following factors.

When and HowThe top answer to every “I can’t get pregnant” query, the time and method of intercourse should be carefully researched. For example, the best time for women would be before ovulation and not after. In order to determine this, use an ovulation kit since this is more accurate than the calendar method. In conception, the type of contact is also a big factor. Make sure to practice positions where the sperm can reach the female egg accurately.

Consult a DoctorSome supplements like fertility pills may be needed in order to conceive, depending on the verdict of a doctor. Having a check up prior to any plans of conceiving is also important to determine if the couple have any health problems that may affect fertility. This way, a cure may be provided immediately to ensure success.

Eat and Live HealthyAlcohol, drugs and smoking are bad not only for pregnant women but also for ones who are trying to get pregnant. These products mess up with the normal functions of the body, therefore affecting fertility.

Most of the answers for “I can’t get pregnant” queries is simply the timing. However, one thing to take note is that couples should enjoy the act of creation. There’s no such thing as trying too hard as long as there is no unnecessary pressure on both sides.